Sunday, April 15, 2012

Musical Talents

I'd like to say I'm musically talented. I play Trumpet in the High School band. I've been playing for 7 years now, I really do enjoy it. I also play Drum Set outside of school. Honestly, I like playing drums a lot more. I find it easier, and just a million times more fun. I also own a bass guitar. If you gave me tabs i could probably play it.
Drum Set- I have a dark purple Pearl Export Series drum set. I've added on a Ludwig 16" floor tom and a huge PDP drum rack. I've got two toms on the rack, and two floor toms. I have Tama Iron Cobra Double Pedals (Ehhhh). I have 3 Sabian crashes, a Ride, hat, Zil-Bell, and a nice big Dominion China cymbal. Also I have a medium red tempo block and a medium cow-bell. I love my set. I'd like to think its much bigger than the average drum set.
Trumpet- My main trumpet is my Bach Stradivarius 37. I play a 1-1/2C mouthpiece. My marching trumpet is an 80's Bach Strad 43. And I also have some crappy golden Yamaha thing. Its terrible. 
Bass Guitar- I have an Epiphone Thunderbird. I only got it because it was the coolest guitar I'd ever seen. 

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