Monday, April 16, 2012

Honda CR-Z

This car looks awesome. It's fuel efficient and "sporty". Not really fast at all but it LOOKS sporty. That's all that matters to me really. As a soon to be college student, I won't need a fast car to drive around campus.
It has an I4 122Hp motor. If I were to obtain this vehicle I would load it up with a sick 1800 watt stereo system. It has a custom OEM enclosure for an 8" subwoofer. I would replace EVERY aspect of the stock stereo. I would put Polk Audio speakers in the front and rear speakers. I would stick a big fat Kicker 8" in the back. Wire it all up with a Boss 1800 watt 5 channel amp. To top it off, it would all be connected with a Kenwood single din head unit with Bluetooth.
To dress up this car, I would stick some after market 5 spoke rims on it. I would tint the windows, and add some sick interior lighting.
What do you think?


  1. thats a really sick car. i hope you can get that dude

  2. Nice bro, sounds like a tight ride